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Along with Dunedin’s rich Scottish History,  we also have a history of oranges,  orange groves and citrus packing.  When the oranges were packed, beautifully designed labels were made to go on each side of the fruit crates.  This goes back to the early 1880’s until the early 1950’s.

The Skinner and Douglas families were huge names in this industry.  These local Dunedin families had many labels designed.  You can visit our Dunedin Historical Museum to see some of these beautiful vintage labels.  The Skinner Company went on to perfect “orange concentrate” around the time of World War II.

Dunedin resident and artist Steven Spathelf,  has admired,  collected and has been inspired by the designs of these vintage Fruit Crate Labels for years.  It has been an idea and dream of his to see some of these beautiful labels brought to life in mural form on the outside of prominent buildings in the downtown core.

April 13th 2009,  Steve Spathelf and fellow resident Marsha Goins secretly painted “loose” oranges around downtown at 5 am to see what reaction they would get to having orange related public art in Downtown.  Well the response was overwhelming!  People came from all over to see the oranges that created so much media attention to Downtown Dunedin,  and then  asked….. “Why oranges”????

So,  the resurgence of Oranges and the history of Oranges to Dunedin was reborn!

Local Merchants,  along with the Historical Museum and the Dunedin Chamber of Commerce got together to plan the First Annual Dunedin Orange Festival,  July 3rd 2010, to help the businesses in the summer and revisit another part of Delightful Dunedin’s Heritage!

Please join us on Saturday,  July 13th,  from 10 am to 9 pm for this fun,  family day in Downtown Dunedin.

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